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Germán López

Iván Jaramillo Pérez

Bogotá, March 2003

South-to-South Collaboration is a unique strategy for improving sexual and reproductive health (SRH) by fostering the exchange of knowledge, experience and processes among developing countries.  South-to-South's technical collaboration framework includes tailored technical assistance as well as training modules, and focuses on achieving long-term solutions through continuous collaboration between organizations.  The initiative's aim is ensuring sustainable institutional development and, ultimately, the SRH of all women, men and young people.  CATALYST/PROFAMILIA is proud to provide this unique approach to development to both public and private institutions.

CATALYST/PROFAMILIA conducts on-site technical assistance visits to address SRH service delivery challenges.  Training modules are offered addressing SRH issues ranging from SRH service delivery to SRH rights to management of SRH institutions.  Follow-up to the training modules is conducted through on-site technical assistance, observational study tours (which are tailored to the specific needs of participants) and via email.

South-to-South Collaboration also has a research component, which focuses on documenting and sharing lessons learned in SRH for application in the field.  For instance, PROFAMILIA's role in Colombian health sector reform was documented by CATALYST/PROFAMILIA to ensure that SRH would be included in the package of services offered.  Lessons learned by PROFAMILIA while preparing and adapting to the new environment of health sector reform will be available shortly on the website both in English and in Spanish.