Research and Evaluation

CATALYST evaluators have expertise in a variety of research applications, including:

Formative Research for Program Development
Behavioral Intervention Research
Social Marketing and Communications Research
Health Services Research
Demographic Research
Program Monitoring
South-to-South Collaboration
Technical Assistance

CATALYST's research and evaluation studies are designed and monitored by Dr. Orlando Hernández and Dr. Paula Hollerbach. Both staff members are affiliated with AED's Center for Applied Behavioral and Evaluation Research (CABER), and apply the theories and methods of demography and the behavioral and social sciences to the design and evaluation of effective programs, services and policies. They work in a wide variety of CATALYST activities and health domains, including HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, health service improvement, contraceptive counseling and use, postabortion care and program monitoring. In addition, they provide technical evaluation assistance to CATALYST staff and field researchers. Their approach embodies a commitment to high-quality applied research and evaluation techniques, ensuring that CATALYST understands the populations with which it works, builds upon the capacities of local partners and ultimately improves the lives and welfare of men and women in developing countries.

CATALYST's evaluators are multilingual in French, Spanish and English, and over the years, have worked in many USAID-funded projects. They draw on approaches and techniques from the fields of social psychology, public health, epidemiology, demography, statistics and health service improvement. They are assisted by other CABER staff members, including CABER's co-director and Senior Vice President for Research and Evaluation, Dr. Susan Middlestadt; Senior Research and Evaluation Officer, Dr. Susan Rogers; and Research and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Rebecca Ledsky.