Nepal Demographics




Population Under 15



Maternal Mortality Ratio
(Deaths per 100,000 live births)



Total Fertility Rate
(Avg. no. of children born to a woman during her lifetime)



Contraceptive Prevalence Rate
(Use Among Married Woman 15-49, Modern Methods)



Source: Population Reference Bureau. 2002. World population data sheet. Washington, DC: Population Reference Bureau.


The CATALYST Consortium's proposed program in Nepal will support the USAID Objective of "reduced fertility and protected health of Nepalese families" through working with Nepali NGO's on a pilot program to increase reproductive health services in conflict areas.  The program will focus in four areas:

  1. Improved RH Awareness and Knowledge among Adolescent Girls in Conflict Areas.   Working with local NGOs, the program will develop a non-formal education curriculum for girls which will include life skills training, including reproductive health.
  2. Increased Literacy among Out-of-School AdolescentGirls Program in Conflict Areas.   A local NGO will work to ensure the successful completion of a literacy course for girls in its operational area, also including life skills training.
  3. Increased Girls' Adoption of Behaviors that Lead to Improved RH Outcomes.  The NGO will focus on maintaining or increasing enrollment or re-enrollment in schools, as well as encouraging Adolescent Girls' Groups to take collective action concerning social and health issues.  This program also will encourage later marriage and delayed first birth, as well as familiarizing participants with community health services.
  4. Creating an Enabling Family and Community Environment for Girls' Program Participation and Access to Health Services.  This will be accomplished through work with community organizations and local and district-level RH Coordination Committees, using the national RH Strategy.

Contact Information

Country Representative:

Chhatra Amatya, MBBS
    GairiDhara, GPO 8975, EPC 5316
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: (977 + 1) 441-7071
    Fax: (977 + 1) 442-1696

Washington Contact is :
Kamlesh Giri, Reproductive Health Officer
CATALYST Consortium
1201 Connecticut, Ave., NW, Suite 501
Washington, DC 20036
PH: 202-775-1977
FAX: 202-775-1988